How to identify a scam offer on social media

We are all being exposed to more and more online scams via social media, text message etc. I don’t know how many parcels 📦 I was due to recieve over the last two years of exciting gifts I never purchased or the long lost family member ringing me from Togo.

We all need to be extra vigilant when engaging as these scammers are getting more elusive and clever all the time.

I recently came across this one on Facebook. Looks legit right? But on closer inspection it is a SCAM!

This particular scam has been operating for almost 2 years now.

Scammers set up these pages to obtain your personal data or to collect likes (in this case the page is later sold/changed names by the scammers to fill your newsfeed with spam).

“By ‘signing up’ you’re giving the scammers your personal details.

** How to identify a scam offer on social media **

  1. Look before you like – If it’s a legitimate big business, such as Center Parcs, it should have a blue tick, which means it’s a verified account.
  2. Don’t just look at the competition post – look at the main page or account it originates from. Does it check out? Look at when the page was created, what information and content is on there and how far back the posts go. If it looks suspiciously recent, chances are it’s not legit. In this case below 👇 it only had one post.
  3. Google it – Search for the company’s Facebook page. Check it’s the same as the page the original post was issued from and, if not, if there’s any mention of the competition on the bona fide page. If not, it’s likely fraudulent.

I hope you find these tips useful?

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