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Social commerce and online shopping have changed the way people browse, shop, review and recommend. You should make sure this process is easy, intuitive and with the least obstacles.

Ensure your customers can make purchases or enquiries directly through social posts. And don’t forget, the power of storytelling and customer recommendations to convert as these can also be vital for building trust.

There’s a myriad of ways of bolstering your personalised marketing with smart digital tactics and you don’t need to use them all at once. Look at your strategy, understand your customers, identify the most relevant channels and innovative tools and content to better engage with them.

Image Source: Marketing Week

The best part about digital is you can trial, measure and optimise one channel at a time.

Customers will identify with your brand if they see you’re authentic and when they see themselves reflected in your marketing. Your business and brand can thrive and remain competitive when you understand your customers and converse with them in ways that resonate.

Image Source: Marketing Week

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