♻️ Green Marketing ♻️

Another Marketing Trend to think of for 2022 is:

♻️ Green marketing ♻️

Climate change is a major concern and customers are choosing #brands that are committed to looking after the planet. 

According to a Unilever survey, one-third of customers (33%) opt for socially and environmentally focused purchases from brands.

#Greenmarketing (also known as eco-marketing or #sustainable marketing) is the practice of #marketing products based on their environmental benefits.

Ninety percent of #Millennials say that they’ll spend more money on sustainable and #environmentallyconscious brands. And for once, Gen Zs are agreeing with Millennials.

The aim is to establish the stage of manufacture, marketing, and usage of the product so that consumers are persuaded to opt for ecologically responsible and sustainable consumption.

Like #traditionalmarketing, companies employ green marketing blends to take advantage of marketing elements and receive a target audience response. The green marketing mix’ four p’s are:

♻️ Product
♻️ Price
♻️ Promotion
♻️ Place

Companies that are genuine about saving the #environment and giving back to the #community back usually win a lot of customer trust and loyalty. 

There are 5 green marketing strategies that you can implement if you want to practise Green Marketing:

1. Green Design

This is most effective when the product and/or service are first #sustainable. One example an #Ecofriendly dishwasher reduces the usage of energy and water to half the amount required for normal dishwasher. 

2. Green Positioning

Green #brandpositioning focuses on how communication and attributes of a brand is different from its competitors due to the use of environmentally-related attributes.

A great example of a company with Green positioning is the Body Shop. It never uses its products in animals and also makes its resources properly. Their commercials also do not feature women’s photos and raises donations to promote worldwide awareness of issues such as HIV and domestic abuse.

3. Green Pricing

Green pricing refers to an optional utility service that allows customers of traditional #utilities support a greater level of utility investment in #renewableenergy by paying a premium on their electric bill to cover any above-market costs of acquiring renewable #energyresources.

4. Green Logistics

Green logistics describes all attempts to measure and minimise the ecological impact of logistics activities. This includes all activities of the forward and reverse flows of products, information and services between the point of origin and the point of consumption. 

5. Green Disposal

Green disposal could be a great green marketing approach for companies that produce a lot of #wastematerial, where they can highlight that they adopt #sustainability disposal procedures to lessen the #environmental and human effect.  

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