Why I do what I do.

It chimes with my own personal beliefs,
interests and outlook in life.

Digi Nomad Mission Statement

Give individuals and small enterprises access to the digital marketing tools and strategies used by big corporations.

Identify talent that needs to be brought to its audience; bolster and support self-belief in such individuals or companies so that they can add their positive contribution for the greater good.

Commit to transacting all company business in a fair, equitable and ethical manner at all times.

A bit about myself

My name is Linda O Connell and I have worked in the Non-Profit sector for the last 15 years as a communications specialist. I recently (2018) qualified with a MSc in Digital Marketing Strategy from the Cork Institute of Technology. I have extensive experience with social media platforms, website development, SEO, Adwords, graphic design and advertising both traditional and online.


I am particularly interested in working with local artists, artisan food producers, holistic therapists all with a view to bringing their products and services as large an audience as possible through judicial use of various social media channels.


The reason that I work in this particular part of the market is that it chimes with my own personal beliefs, interests and outlook in life.


I am concerned with ethical online service provision. Sustainable, environmentally friendly, equitable trading is important to me. Bringing erstwhile hidden talent to the fore is another motivator for me.


While I don’t work for nothing, obviously money is not the main driver for me when choosing who to work with or not; I have to be capable of total belief and commitment in the worth of the product or service promoted so there is a far more personal commitment to the client or product than might be with other companies. That is what motivates me! 


Finalist in the Cork Business Association Awards 2022 for Best Digital Business, Network Cork 2020 winner of the Transformative Employee category, Overall Network Cork Businesswoman of the Year Award 2020, and Network Ireland Transformative Employee category winner 2020.